Brand New Cart Finished!

After 3-4 weeks of hard work from Jason and Dean at GED, the team’s brand new robot cart is finally finished! It has many wonderful features such as an automatic motorized pickup system, LEDs to show off a bit, and many others!

IMG_2015-03-24 13:18:25 IMG_2015-03-24 13:18:33 IMG_2015-03-24 13:18:38 IMG_2015-03-24 13:18:44 IMG_2015-03-24 13:18:48 IMG_2015-03-24 13:18:58


  1. Would love more information about the cart you built. Would like to build one similar to it. Do you have plans you drew? Willing to make a donation to your team for detailed information about the cart.

  2. Hello! Sorry for the extremely delayed response, this site falls out of use during the off-season. Are you still interested in our cart? I made a very rudimentary model for a team a while back to communicate the basic dimensions of it, and could share that with you.

  3. I really like your design and I would love to create something similar for my robotics team. Would it be possible for you to send the model to me as well? I would also like to know if the forklift was self manufactured, or bought.

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