2023 Curiosity Open Champions!

On Saturday, the Flying Circuits defended their champion spot in the Curiosity Open at the Great Lakes Science Center. Partnered with Team 695 Bison Robotics and Team 3504 Girls of Steel in the playoffs, the Flying Circuits left qualifications ranked highest among the 23 teams participating. See our gallery of photos from this exciting event!


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Scouting Forms

The scouting forms can be found here.


2019 Season Goals and Plans

Hello! An exciting new season of FRC is upon us, and we have been extremely busy preparing the team for it. The first major change of this year is that we will be building two identical robots- one for testing and one for competition. At the end of our build season, our competition bot will … 


2018 Reveal Video!

The reveal video for Power Up! is officially here! “Milkmonigle” takes the arena with storm featuring its giant climbing piston!  


“Falcon Ready” for box liftoff – 2/14/18

The launch system for the robot has been perfected, and now we need to fine tune the other various aspects of the robot. Official reveal video coming soon!


2018 Season Sneak Peek!

The Flying Circuits are making steady progress building the robot for the year, especially near the end of the fourth week of the build season! Be sure to stay tuned for future updates!  


2017 Season Kickoff

It is now official! The 2017 FIRST Robotics build season has begun with a new year and a new challenge! But in order to find out what exactly the challenge was, the team headed down to Tri-C’s Unified Technology Center along with many other local teams to see the worldwide reveal of this year’s challenge. … 


2016 Season Wrap Up

This year has been MONUMENTAL for the team! There were so many “firsts” for this FIRST robotics team. This year was the first time in the team’s history that they were able to attend two regional events. The team attended both the Pittsburgh regional as well as their usual Cleveland Buckeye Regional. The team did great at the … 


2015 Buckeye Regional Competition

The Flying Circuits had a blast at the 2015 FIRST Robotics Buckeye Regional! The competition this year was Recycle Rush,  in which teams had to build a robot that could stack totes (crates) and place a recycling bin on top with a pool noodle in it. Over the course of six long, laborious weeks, Team 1787 constructed a …