Brand New Cart Finished!

After 3-4 weeks of hard work from Jason and Dean at GED, the team’s brand new robot cart is finally finished! It has many wonderful features such as an automatic motorized pickup system, LEDs to show off a bit, and many others!


Team 1787 speaks at Kiwanis

On Monday, March 2nd, Team 1787 spoke and gave a presentation to the Lander Circle Kiwanis Club on the team, it’s history, and this year’s competition and robot!


Thank you, GED Integrated Solutions!

The Flying Circuits would like to formally and publicly thank GED Integrated Solutions for their help in designing, building, and constructing the team’s new robot cart as well as aiding in design and construction of parts and mechanisms for this years robot. As well as construction and design help, GED has been giving basic welding … 


Final Day of Build Season! (2015)

On the final day of build season, the team really pulled through and got everything together. If hard work could be shown through a series of photos and a blog post, I guess this would be that series of photos and a blog post. The team stayed all the way up till 12:00am working to … 


January 30 2015- Constructions Continue

Today, the team continued cutting and building the frame of the robot as well as machining tubing and other important parts.


January 28 2015- Frame Construction Begins!

Today the team finally started on cutting the parts for the frame of the robot. Quinn and Kane also began sanding the frame as well.


January 26 – Office Work

Today the team got lot’s of work done in the office. Alade worked on perfecting the logo, Eben and Jeremy worked intently on improving the code, Toby continued working on the model of the robot, and Jacob worked more on statistics for scouting at the competition.


January 15 2015- Tormach Cutting!

Midterms week has finally ended for the students of Team 1787, so they’re off to work with much more time on their hands. Today, the team got the Tormach cutting it’s first piece!  


January 10 2015- Assembling of our new Tormach PCNC 1100 3 Series

The day before break, the team’s new Tormach PCNC 1100 3 Series arrived and was assembled for when they returned. But, it was not finished – that was left for the team. On Saturday January 10, a few members of the team came in to work and some took to finished the work on the … 


January 7 2015 – Engineering Mentors!

Today the team continued working on assembling the kit of parts drive train.   Later in the day they were joined by mentors Frank Zell and Mike Coleman from Belcan Corporation, Ryan Rule-Hoffman and Danny DiCioccio¬†from CleanLife Energy, and past members Jessie Schreiber, Vinny Alesci, and ¬†Alex Mann.