Final Day of Build Season! (2015)

On the final day of build season, the team really pulled through and got everything together. If hard work could be shown through a series of photos and a blog post, I guess this would be that series of photos and a blog post. The team stayed all the way up till 12:00am working to finish their bot!

IMG_20150217_170939 IMG_20150217_170957 IMG_20150217_183138 IMG_20150217_183143 IMG_20150217_183150 IMG_20150217_183155 IMG_20150217_183201 IMG_20150217_183208 IMG_20150217_183218 IMG_20150217_211627 IMG_20150217_211853 IMG_20150217_212012 IMG_20150217_212021 IMG_20150217_212128 IMG_20150217_144313 IMG_20150217_144318 IMG_20150217_144324 IMG_20150217_144328 IMG_20150217_144340 IMG_20150217_144709 IMG_20150217_144731 IMG_20150217_144738 IMG_20150217_144742 IMG_20150217_144750 IMG_20150217_144756 IMG_20150217_144815 IMG_20150217_144820 IMG_20150217_170921


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