2015 Buckeye Regional Competition

The Flying Circuits had a blast at the 2015 FIRST Robotics Buckeye Regional! The competition this year was Recycle Rush,  in which teams had to build a robot that could stack totes (crates) and place a recycling bin on top with a pool noodle in it. Over the course of six long, laborious weeks, Team 1787 constructed a mighty machine that could stack five totes! Our team has tragic past of robot malfunctions during matches, but thanks to experience and better organization, this year’s bot suffered no technical failures.

In addition to technological improvements, the team also improved it’s appearance and spirit. We got a new, convenient cart, a new team logo, new T-shirts and hoodies, a new flag, and signs displaying our team number to hold up in the stands.

Even at the competition, our work was not done. Team members performed various jobs such as scouting other robotics teams, counting match points, and working on the robot. The Flying Circuits tried their best, but unfortunately we did not move on to the championship.

Team 1787 is forever grateful for the generous organizations and individuals that provided various services for us, as well as the support of parents and former team members that cheered us on at the competition.

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